Blame it on Phoebe.

Hi, this blog is my perspective mostly on audio related topics.  I’ve had the idea for this blog for a while, the hardest part seems to be just getting started.  A little about me, I studied physics and then engineering in grad school and now work as an engineering (software) manager.  My kids say I’m a nerd, and I guess I am.  I love listening to music – yes, live is the best!  As an amateur cellist, guitarist and singer I’ve been in many musical groups, including orchestras, big bands (jazz), vocal jazz, barbershop quartets and choruses, church and syngagogue choirs, and large classical choral groups.  And I am something of an audiophile, although I am slow to upgrade or change equipment, for example the turntable in the photo is from the early 1980s, as is my Luxman stereo receiver.

A few years ago, we didn’t have a dog, and my older son would “borrow” the neighbor’s dog, Phoebe, bringing her to our backyard to play and chase tennis balls.  One day Phoebe, a rather energetic dog, snuck into the house and knocked over one of my precious Spendor loudspeakers.  The speakers were standing at the far end of our great room, and I was upset and decided to box them up to prevent further damage.  In their place, I wanted to instead try and use a small pair of bookshelf speakers placed on top of a cabinet in the middle of the room.  I figured it would be harder for dogs, kids, and other guests to knock over the little speakers.  The little bookshelfs didn’t sound as good, but they did sound different, and sometimes change is nice.  Placing speakers in the middle of the room lead to a series of informal experiments with different speaker setups that I want to write about.  With these experiments, I explored mono audio and 3 speaker stereo, along with some other variations.  I also decided to build my own speaker.  And, my then 11 year old needed a science experiment for school, so we rounded up some friends and conducted “blind” listening tests with interesting results.  And, this past May, I went to Munich for the 2012 High End Shown.  So that’s enough to write about for a while at least, and we’ll see how this goes.  Thanks for reading!


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